Monday, July 28, 2014

The clear skin diet

There are many diet books designed to help with various problems. This book by dietitian Alan C. Logan and Dr. Valori Treloar is designed to help you achieve clear skin through diet and nutrition.

The book contains a lot of details on various studies about acne and nutrition. It successfully confirms that acne and nutrition are linked, though this aspect of the book does drag. The authors do an exhaustive presentation of all the recent studies. Our skin is a reflection of our overall health and diet. It only makes sense to improve our diet to improve our skin. I think the average reader would also like a checklist of what to eat or not. Since I read this book a few months ago I can only remember the highlights. Generally one should avoid dairy. Other than that a person should eat as healthy as possible - lots of vegetables, good proteins, and fruits in moderation and no processed convenience foods. The overall diet advice is fairly common sense.

The link between nutrition and acne is something I've always thought was true despite various doctors saying there is no link between eating pizza, chocolate, etc., and acne. While the literature and study review was interesting, it did drag. I appreciate the authors trying to explain how more studies need to be done about this link despite little money being available to fund further research. The end of the book contained recipes to support the diet. Nice effort but I didn't even look at them. First of all, there are no pictures to support the recipes (a big fail) and second it wasn't really necessary. The diet advice fits with many other popular, healthy diets that it seemed like an add-on. I would have liked to see the authors present the information in a more interesting and accessible way instead.

Book Rating: 3 1/2 stars - interesting, but a bit boring.

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