Wednesday, March 22, 2006

In The Company of Cheerful Ladies (audio)

Once again, I needed something to listen to while sewing. In this case I picked up this audio book because so many ladies were checking it out from the library. After listening, I figured out why. You can listen to this book without worrying about the content. When listening to audio books, you can't skip a couple of pages or words. You hear it all.

This is a gentle mystery story set in Botswana. The story moves from vignette to vignette with an underlying connection to a mystery. These mysteries aren't the nitty gritty kind that you may find in a large urban city. Instead they are light-hearted and comical.

The reader was very skilled in capturing the speech patterns and inflections found in South Africa. Kudos to the reader for doing a fine job.

Book Rating: 4 Stars

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