Monday, April 10, 2006

The Art of Civilized Conversation

I have made frequent conversational errors. The kind where you don't think before you speak or the kind where people don't know how to respond because they are in shock. This book was written for me.

While reading this, I became very self conscious of what was coming out of my mouth. I realized that I made many of the errors discussed in the book. Perhaps silence is better than speaking at all?

The second half the book gives very helpful advice for many social occassions where you may be at a loss for words or may face a difficult situation. A definite must read manual to prep for an event.

I did manage to apply some of her suggestions in a social situation. I was amazed at how much easier the conversation flowed. As the conversation concluded, I ended with a conversational error. I guess the art of conversation is a life long process!

Book Rating: 4 Stars - We all need more refinement in life.

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