Monday, December 04, 2006

Paper Moon

Paper Moon, written by Joe David Brown, is a story about a girl and her father. There is a famous movie based on the novel starring the father-daughter team of Ryan and Tatum O'Neal. The story begins with Addie Pray meeting up with her father, Long Boy. Together they are supposed to travel to a relative's home for her to live after the death of her mother. Instead, the two team up and travel around the south working as con artists.

There is a certain charm between the two characters. The depression-era south is brought vividly to life as they go from one adventure to the next. Addie's quick thinking gets them out of trouble time and again. Some of it is laugh out funny.

The book, however, left me a bit trouble. You could say it suffers from the Ocean's 11 syndrome. You end up rooting for the bad guys. Even, in the end, when Addie and Long Boy use their con artist skills to right a wrong - they are still doing wrong. The worst thing is that Addie, while cute and charming as a young girl, will eventually grow up and the only thing she knows is a life of crime.

I have only seen a few minutes of the movie, so I can't really comment on it. Perhaps I can catch it the next time it is on TCM.

Book Rating: 4 stars

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