Monday, June 18, 2007

Crooked House

This was my first foray into Agatha Christie mysteries. I usually don't read mysteries because they become so cliche and predictable. Agatha Christie is a true master and she keeps you guessing until the last minute. This story did not feature her usual detectives, Inspector Poirot or Miss Marple. Instead the detective is the son of a police chief. Many consider this to be one of her best stories. I have only read a few, so I can't compare. Still, it was enjoyable.

Over the weekend I finished up Witness for the Prosecution and Three Blind Mice. Neither of those stories had the usual detectives. They were fun and quick reads too.

Lots of fun information about Agatha Christie and the official website.

Book Rating: 4 Stars (all three books)

I am moving on to a new author before I burn out on Agatha Christie, but I will definitely pick up some of her other stories again!

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