Friday, July 06, 2007

A Cry In The Night

A Cry In The Night is a Mary Higgins Clark mystery. A recently divorced mother of two gets swept off her feet by a handsome, wealthy artist and farmer. How any sane woman could get married to a guy within one week of meeting him and not recognize some warning signs, I'll never know. Right off the bat I could recognize the guy was no good and you know he is going to do some bad things. Really, the story reads like a bad Lifetime movie. Ya know the kind of movie where a creepie guy is able to be abusive because the woman thinks she is in love. The kind of movie where an emotionally fragile woman melts and submits because a good looking guy says, "I love you." and excuses all kinds of bad behavior.

I did finish the book. Mary Higgins Clark does know how to right a suspenseful mystery. Thing is I figured most of it out within a couple of chapters. I finished the story to see how it all played out but mostly to see how long it would take before the woman recognizes her mistake and runs. I should have known better because she realizes her mistake when it is almost too late.

I am not opposed to reading more Mary Higgins Clark in the future, but only for some mindless reading.

Book Rating: 2 stars

Up next: Mrs. Bridge by Evan S. Connell

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