Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tatooine Ghost

I suppose it is difficult to write a novel that appeases the fans of beloved characters and a beloved story. Star Wars is probably such a universe that many people have certain expectations, including myself. I had immediate difficulty with the story because it was hard for me to listen in on the thoughts of Princess Lea or Han Solo. Our usual perception of these characters is in a film where we see or hear their reactions. How can an author presume to know what these characters are thinking? That difficulty eventually disappeared as I read more of the story written by Troy Denning. In the end, the story was a fun escape into the Star Wars universe.

The story revolves around Han Solo and Princess Lea shortly after their marriage. They travel to Tatooine to try and retrieve a piece of artwork that has a hidden communications device. During their pursuit, Lea tries to reconcile her relationship of Darth Vader, his childhood, and all of that back story. I didn't quite get the title of the book. There is no actual ghost - instead it is Lea dealing with her own genetic history - the ghost of the past perhaps. It would have been better to title the book Kilik Twilight - the name of the artwork they are pursuing.

The book resolution falls into a typical and predictable Star Wars ending. Even though the book is fun to read - it's also easily forgettable. It certainly is not earth shattering science fiction. It is merely a book to interest Star Wars fans. Definitely not a must read.

Book Rating: 3 stars

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