Monday, April 14, 2008

Twilight - the other one

Twilight by Meg Cabot is volume #6 in her Mediator series. I picked this to listen to on audio because Cabot is a popular Young Adult writer. I have not read any other books in the series and I don't know that it is necessary. The plot is fairly simple.

Suze Simon is a "mediator" and she assists deceased individuals transition into the afterlife (sounds a lot like a popular tv show starring Jennifer Love Hewitt). The problem is she has fallen in love with a long deceased teen Jesse. Things are complicated by a fellow mediator, Paul, who wants Suze for himself.

The story is a typical teen soap. The story was so annoying that I only got an hour into it.

The story was annoying in so many ways, especially with how little supervision these young teens have. What parents allow their young teen girls to run around in the middle of the night? I don't know, maybe this is normal for today's teens?

What kind of example is Suze setting when she has amorous feelings for a violent "friend"? One who has threatened and shown violence to the object of his affection? Yikes, I don't want my daughter to get the idea that this is acceptable...

I haven't read any other of Meg Cabot's books so I can't say one should avoid all her books. This series may be worth skipping.

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