Monday, June 16, 2008

The Black Rose

The Black Rose by Tananrive Due is the fictional account of Madame C. J. Walker, an African American woman and entrepreneur. The story follows Sarah Breedlove as she rises from poverty, raises a daughter alone, and develops hair care products for black women. She is also credited with the invention of a pressing comb or straightening iron, though that fact is in dispute.

This book was originally researched by Alex Haley, who left the project unfinished. Tananrive Due used his notes to compose this book. It is well written and worth the time to read about this woman. The book is fiction, though, so be sure to follow up with additional reading at the official Madam C. J. Walker website.

The book doesn't have a lot of objectionable content, but it does portray adult situations and some violence.

Book rating: 4 stars

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