Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

This book by Kate Doublas Wiggin, is charming juvenile fiction story. I read this book to check it off of my "must read classics." The story involved Rebecca who is sent to live with her aunts. She has a propensity to talk, get into all kinds of trouble, and be otherwise dramatic. The story follows her until some time after her graduation from high school and how the then grown-up Rebecca deals with life.

I read this book after reading Anne of Green Gables and Daddy Long Legs. There are elements in Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm that I assumed had been lifted from those stories. The truth is Rebecca precedes both of those books.

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm is an enjoyable story, but I really do like Anne of Green Gables and Daddy Long Legs better. It is not as well written IMO, but perhaps that is ok.

Book Rating: 3 stars

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