Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mr. Monk goes to Germany

I read this book clear back in March and I am only now getting to the review....

In this book Mr. Monk travels to Germany to follow his psychiatrist. His psychiatrist hopes to escape Monk for a while and attend a psychiatric convention at the same time - a vacation if you will. Monk has a long standing 2-3 times a week appointments and he becomes desperate and inconsolable. Problem is Monk is afraid of airplanes and flying, so he drugs himself. Once in Germany, Monk ends up working on solving a murder that is loosely connected to the psychiatric convention.

I did not like this story as well as the others I have read by the same author. I really thought it was a stretch to have Monk flying from San Francisco to Germany, even drugged. Natalie seemed out of character too. Stottlemeyer and Disher don't really make an appearance in this story. In the Monk novelizations, this is one that could probably be skipped.

Book Rating: 2 stars

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