Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Actor and the House Wife

In this story Shannon Hale introduces us to Becky Jack - a Mormon housewife who is 7 months pregnant trying to sell a screenplay in Hollywood. In swoops Felix Callahan a heartthrob actor who rescues her from being taken advantage. What ensues is a platonic friendship that make people gossip and wonder about their odd friendship. Is it really platonic? Can someone really be best friends with a member of the opposite sex and remain faithful to their spouses? The story has a few emotional twists and turns as it follows this relationship.

I should have read Shannon Hale's young adult novels first as this is probably not the best introduction to the author. I was so annoyed by the main character by chapter 3 that I very nearly returned it to the library. The author describes Becky's feelings for Felix as "warm and squishy." Her heart jumps when Felix calls or visits. It is certainly an odd relationship. Becky's husband is certainly destined for sainthood for dealing with all of this. In addition Becky and Felix have very odd conversations with little depth or substance. The dialogue consists of joking and teasing using absurd dialogue. I skipped ahead and one sentence caught my eye and so I kept reading. There were parts I really liked, but 3/4ths of it was still annoying.

But is it a bad book. No. The writing is fine (though silly) at some points. Nothing objectionable as far as content. What makes this books successful is that Hale made me want to finish the story. I had to know the answer to "Will she or won't she," and "Is she really in love with Felix?" You'll have to read the book for the answers to those questions. The source of my annoyance is that I absolutely could not relate to the main character. I would have made different choices, responded differently to the situation. And I would definitely have not used the adjectives of "warm and squishy" to describe hanging out with a best bud.

The book appears to have mixed reviews at Amazon. Probably would be best to start with Shannon Hale's young adult novels before reading this one. I don't know if I can pick up another of hers for a while.

Book Rating: 3 stars, couldn't give it more because I am still annoyed.

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