Thursday, October 08, 2009

The complete idiot's guide to journaling

I picked this book up just to see what the author, Joan Neubauer, had to say on the topic. On the surface, journaling is a rather simple notion - a recording of thoughts or events. I've kept a journal with varying degrees of success over the years. This book provides a lot of ideas to help inspire you to put pen to paper.

The author describes the art of journaling in various ways. One section is devoted to the whys and hows. Pick a time and place, buy a journal that speaks to you, pick that special pen, etc. Later, she describes different types of journals based on topic - gardening, inner thoughts, craft, design ideas, etc. I have become interested in art journaling, and the author doesn't delve much into it - maybe because artists have unique needs in the type of journaling they do. In any event, this book did inspire me to pick up journaling again.

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