Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Desert Song, Song of Hope, and Sky Full of Ribbons

I read all three books in the series before writing the review because each review would be the same. The book follows Delia McGrath and her mother Polly McGrath. Delia struggles with her faith, Polly deals with the death of her husband.

The book is gentle, Christian fiction. It is thoroughly predictable and expected. The last book in the series, Sky Full of Ribbons, has the most religious exposition. I don't have much to say about any of the books. Take them or leave them. I only stuck it out to see if Delia ended up with one of the male love interests. She does (sorry to spoil it. but considering the type of book it is, it is expected).

I think the books are now out of print. They were poorly marketed and titled. The third book doesn't even look like it belongs to the series. Sky Full of Ribbons has a bright blue cover with a silver foil of a car*. It's appearance makes no sense and the title has no relation to anything in the book. The other two books have images of desert scenery. At the very least the third book should have been called Desert Love, or some such.

One last thing, grab all three books from the library if you choose to read the series. Each book is a short, easy read. In fact, the author could have easily have written all three as one book.

Desert Song: A Novel, Song of Hope, Sky Full of Ribbons

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* The appearance of the the third book nearly got it discarded at my local library. If it wasn't for the high circulation rate and being part of the series, it would have been pitched for appearing out-of-date.

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