Monday, April 12, 2010

The Remarkable Journey of Prince Jen

Lloyd Alexander is a new author to me and I fell in love with this charming story. The cover certainly did not entice me to pick up the book, but I gave it a shot anyway. The story is written in the style of a Chinese fairy tale.

Prince Jen is given the charge to learn how to govern by traveling to a distant kingdom. The king of this kingdom will not listen to a petition without being presented gifts. Prince Jen's assistant selects various, rather ordinary gifts, from the treasury and sets off. Along the way, Prince Jen encounters various people that causes him to either lose a gift or give a gift. Each of these gifts serve various purposes which teach a moral lesson to the recipient and eventually comes back to help Prince Jen.

The story has some action and adventure and is a pretty quick read. I may try some more Lloyd Alexander at a later date.

Book rating: 4 stars

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