Friday, July 23, 2010

The book without words by Avi

The Book Without Words by Avi is a fable of Medieval magic. A magician appears to die while in the midst of a spell to save his life. In the meantime several people wish to learn the magician's spell to make gold. The magician's servant girl, Sybil, learns the truth about his book of spells and the spell to save his life. Sybil and her friends must escape from the magician and the town reeve (police).

This is the last of a series of stories by Avi that I have read recently. It is also my least favorite. The story is divided up into chapters with each chapter subdivided into scenes that switch back and forth. The story wasn't hard to follow, just choppy. I also did not care for the story or the characters. The book is written at a lower reading level and that may have played a part. Overall, the story is ok and it may appeal to some, just not for me.

Book Rating: 3 stars

Just a word of warning to parents - the story does contain violence and some descriptions of gore.

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