Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Endometriosis Diet

I was hoping to find some information on how to treat endometriosis through good nutrition and this book seemed the most likely candidate. The book is written by Carolyn Levett, a woman who has suffered with endometriosis. The book contains an overview of the diet, foods to avoid, and recipes.

The book lacks in several areas. I am not knocking the author because I do think she truly desires to help others. The book is self-published (not knocking that either) and could really use a professional edit and polish. There are no pictures for any of the recipes, which is a big recipe book fail, IMO.

Levett received her inspiration for her diet book from Dian Shepperson Mills who wrote Endometriosis: A Key to Healing Through Nutrition. Mills, who wrote her book with a doctor, could rightly be considered the originator of the "diet" which should not be called a diet at all. As a professional, degreed nutritionist Mills backs up many of her nutrition suggestions with thorough research and medical community support. Unfortunately, a lot of the good information in Mills book is misapplied in Levett's.

There are several foods that Levett recommends being eliminated or reduced from the diet. The list is quit daunting and leaves you wondering what you can truly eat. After reading Mills book, I don't think an elimination diet as recommended by Levett is healthy or wise. In fact Mills recommends working with a doctor and a nutritionist to determine which foods should be eliminated or reduced gradually over time along with nutritional supplement support. This suggestion is lacking in Levett's book.

The recipes in the book are almost strictly vegetarian/vegan. They may be best for those who choose to follow a diet to eliminate all possible allergens. Some of the recipes looked interesting, especially the nut yogurt and alternative milks.

With some improvements and polishing, the book could be considered a companion to the Mills' book. But as it is, the reader should exercise caution in it's application.

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