Sunday, September 12, 2010

Selling in Tough Times

Who doesn't want a business book to help you sell when the economy is tanking? Tom Hopkins, a salesman with many years of experience, wrote this book. The subtitle of the book, "Secrets to selling when no one is buying" really made me hope for some insider information.

The book suffers a little from a split personality. Is it a book for business owners looking for help in sales? Or is it a book for sales professionals trying to improve the bottom line? 90% of the book is directed to the sales professional, with one chapter devoted to how one should present oneself.

Small business owner's may find some of the information useful. There are several sections in which Hopkins provides a script of how to talk to a client or potential client. There are tips on screening and evaluating potential customers. All of things may be helpful to a small business owner who struggles in these areas.

Overall the book was not what I expected. Perhaps a more informative subtitle would have helped. Something along the lines of, "Secrets for the sales professional to improve sales when no one is buying," which is probably too long. Anyway, if you are willing to wade through information directed strictly to sales professionals, you may find some useful information.

Book Rating: 3 stars

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