Monday, April 18, 2011

Recession-Proof Careers

It sounds great, doesn't it? A career that will help guarantee work even through economic down times. Jeff Cohen attempts to provide a path toward a recession-proof career.

There are several problems with his approach. The book is structured to focus on careers that are government based, government subsidized and even in the process of government takeover. What are these jobs? Generalized government workers such as police, fire, forest workers, teachers, etc. And then there are medical based careers. Generally, medicine will always have a demand but government regulations have put a damper on the industry. And then finally Jeff Cohen has bought into the concept of "green" jobs. It's like he has taken a page out of the Obama propaganda machine. There are jobs in environmental science and alternative energies but there is no proof that those jobs are less susceptible to economic factors as anything else. The focus on careers touched by the government in this way is really a disservice. It fosters the idea that government can create a safe haven for economic activity and job security. The fact of the matter is it is not. We all know the government is broke. There is no money. This means at some point government workers WILL be laid off or have their pay cut. There will be government subsidized industries that will no longer be subsidized. It's all about the money and there is none.

The first chapter or so includes some helps on personal introspections and self analysis. He helps you look at your skills so you can determine if you are in the right career or how to transfer your skills to something else. Some of this is helpful.

Book Rating: 1 star

The rest of the book is synopsis of various career opportunities. Honestly, the information appears to have come from Occupational Outlook, available for free on government websites. Honestly, the book is not worth the $17.95 on the cover.
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