Tuesday, April 01, 2014

To love anew

Another Christian fiction read that was a temporarily free Kindle ebook. This is book 1 in the Sydney Cove series. Hannah Talbot's mother dies and she is left alone running her mother's tailoring shop in London. But as word gets out of her mother's death, she slowly loses business. In desperation she obtains employment as a maid only to discover her employer wanted her for nefarious reasons. Hannah flees to the streets of London where she steals in order to eat. Sentenced to prison, Hannah is sent to Australia aboard a prison ship. After an arduous journey, a difficult life in Australia begins. Slowly Hannah gains the trust of those around her and even finds true love.

I enjoyed reading this story. The author seemed to capture what life would have been like in the early days of Australia. I felt sympathy for Hannah and her plight and hoped she could find her way to a happier life. As most books of this type go, the ending is predictable although the journey there is memorable.

Book rating: 4 stars

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