Monday, September 22, 2014

Cemetery John

I caught part of a PBS documentary about new theories on the kidnapping and murder of Charles Lindbergh's son a year ago or so. The documentary featured Robert Zorn prominently because of his recently publication of his book Cemetery John. I picked up this book because I wanted more information and background on his new theory about the case.

Robert Zorn's theory is based on a chance encounter his father experienced with an unusual man when he was a teenager. After the Lindbergh kidnapping and murder, Zorn's father connected this man to the Lindbergh case through deductive reasoning. He spent a lifetime collecting information about the case and was convinced that this unusual man was the mastermind behind it all.

Robert Zorn picks up where his father left off by consulting experts and expanding his research. The presentation of the material is fascinating. We get the background of the Lindbergh's with their rise to fame and fortune. We also learn about Cemetery John, the person who arranges and picks up the ransom money and who Robert Zorn thinks that is. We also see the mishandling of the case by the police and FBI. The media attention the case garnered played a major influence on how the case was handled and eventually settled.

Zorn's theory is very convincing though some people cast doubts on it. How could a chance encounter by Zorn's father really provide a basis for a credible theory? Even so Zorn does a good job. The book is a great true-crime reading of the story. I liked that Zorn included information about what happened to the Lindbergh's long after the case had been closed. Charles Lindbergh is a fascinating and surprising person.

Book Rating: 5 stars

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