Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Life is your best medicine

In life we are constantly bombarded with things. Stress, lack of sleep, poor nutrition wear us down. Women are particularly vulnerable to these problems and our state of health shows it. Dr. Low Dog takes a different approach to medicine. She wants us to love our life and to nurture our minds and bodies - thus living life as we should becomes our best medicine.

The medical advice in this book is rather simple and straight forward. There are various tips dropped along the way that can help us achieve better health. Dr. Low Dog practices medicine from a different perspective than most doctors. She is a fully trained, in the conventional way, physician. And yet, she believes in treating the root cause of disease and promotes healthy life styles through nutrition. She prefers this over pharmaceuticals, which are only prescribed if there is no other choice. She wants to help you in the least damaging way.

For me, the book is more than that. Dr. Low Dog shares her journey in life, and specifically what drove her to study medicine. This is an inspiring story of a woman who has suffered poverty and loss and searched for that peace and happiness we all desire. She worked as a massage therapist and herbalist only to realize she didn't know enough. This was the turning point that motivated her to go to medical school. She not only wanted to know more but she also wanted to change medicine. Through her work with Dr. Weil, Dr. Low Dog is influencing future doctors with her experience and wisdom.

The medical advice offered in the book is pretty common sense. Wrapping the advice around Dr. Low Dog's story is what makes this book special.

Book Rating: 4 stars.

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