Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Adrenal Fatigue : The 21st Century Stress Syndrome

Adrenal fatigue is one of those things modern medicine either ignores and claims doesn't exist. The normal definition is that the adrenal glands become tired or worn out and therefore stop working properly. I've done some reading on this and I'm not sure that adrenal "fatigue" is really the right description for what is happening. Perhaps in some cases the adrenal gland really is worn out. I think in others the adrenal gland is responding properly based on the stresses on the body. This implies that we are simply under too much stress. In any event, adrenal fatigue, however you look at it, is a very real problem.

Dr. James L. Wilson, a chiropractic and naturopathic doctor wrote this in depth book about adrenal fatigue. The book reviews the symptoms, has a quiz you can take, and then discusses various natural treatments including diet changes and supplements. The book is heavily referenced.

Despite modern medicine's disregard for the topic, fatigue and chronic fatigue are very real problems. Stress can have a huge impact on your overall health. The book is worth a read if this is something that you are dealing with. Caution and care should still be used when reading any medical self-help book. And it is always best to try and find a doctor willing to work with you to make sure there isn't something else going on as well.

I have read two versions of this book. The Kindle version is absolutely terrible. The drawings, as silly as they are, are very small. The quizzes and all other graphics are too small to read. You can find the quiz on Dr. Wilson's website, but why should you have to do that if you have the book? Also, the footnotes are in regular size print and disrupt the flow of reading because all of a sudden you run into a series of numbers. I did find a print copy of the book and it lacks all of these problems and I was able to reread some of the sections without any problems.

Kindle version: 2 stars
Print version: 4 stars

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