Monday, February 20, 2006

Murder on the Lusitania

I have never liked reading mystery novels. I assume they will be predictable and stereotypical. Murder on the Lusitania, by Conrad Allen, started off like most mystery novels. The introduction begins with the detective traveling incognito with first-class passengers. He is young, attractive, and loves Shakespeare. Ok, I had to roll my eyes at that one. The other cast of characters are upper middle-class, and wealthy, with a few attractive, single women.

A sign of a good mystery novel is that it holds its mystery until near the end. This book does at least that. There were a few side stories thrown in to keep the reader guessing "Who dun it?" I won’t spoil the mystery for those who choose to read it.

Book Rating: 3 Stars. It was entertaining. It could have received a higher rating if Conrad Allen had at least hired a better editor. There were enough grammatical mistakes to make the book slightly annoying to read.

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