Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix (audio)

I know, this book does not come from the "A" shelf in the library. I was in need of an audio book to listen to while sewing my Hawaiian Sun Dress line. Spending hours listening to the one or two radio stations that comes in clearly in my rural area can drive one batty after a while.

I am not a Harry Potter fan. I can take or leave the stories. I have tried reading the first book, but put it down from boredom. I did listen to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Jim Dale, the reader, is an amazing performer! That is why I picked up The Order of the Phoenix. I knew I could be entertained for a long time.

J. K. Rowling has evolved with her series. Her writing is improved and more mature than her earlier books. Her Phoenix book was more interesting and entertaining then the previous books. But like Goblet of Fire, I was bored with the story by the time the climax finally rolled around. I get frustrated with the long descriptions of the coursework and classes of the characters. At the climax, I was ready to be done with the story. It will take a good editor to trim the story down and make it fit into a 2 hour movie! The books on tape took 17 hours to listen to.

It did help pass some of the mind-numbing time of sewing the same thing over and over again!

Book Rating: 4 Stars

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