Tuesday, October 17, 2006

North of Hope Means No Hope

I have loved everything I have previously read by John Hassler. Staggerford and Green Journey are among some of my favorite books. I loved the stories. Since I would be spending a long time on a plane, I decided to go with a trusted author. I picked this book simply because it was written by John Hassler.

I have to say, this book is among some of the worst I have read. It was not from a lack of skill by John Hassler. He continues to be an excellent writer and storyteller. He has this incredible skill of writing about real people. This book, however, is full of sad, depressed characters. They are real, but not one character was happy. Not one. Every single character was an alcoholic, including the main character, a priest that questions his calling. Other characters are not faithful to their spouses, law breakers, poverty stricken, have illegitimate children. The list could go on...

I have to admit the book was so depressing, I quit half through and never finished. John Hassler missed on this one. Read his other books, they are so much better.

Book Rating: No stars

Up next, Buffalo Coat, Undue Influence, and Year of Wonders.

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