Wednesday, August 29, 2007

River's End

River's End by James Oliver Curwood was originally published in 1919. It is a mystery/thriller story set in the Canadian wilderness. An alleged criminal, Keith, is pursued by a Mountie, Conniston, into the Northern territories. Eventually, Keith is captured but Conniston takes ill. Before Conniston succumbs to death, he and Keith form a friendship. Conniston suggests that Keith assume his identity so that he can return to a normal life. Keith does this and returns home. Will he be recognized? Will he be able to clear his name?

The book is an interesting and exciting read. There are a few things that are particular to the time it is was published. There is one characterization that is not politically correct by today's standards. There are a few other things that I found confusing, especially Keith's relationship to Conniston's sister. Still, it is interesting to read. The story could certainly be updated and still retain the author's intents.

This book is available in the public domain and can be read at Google Books.

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