Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Persian Pickle Club

On the surface, The Persian Pickle Club by Sandra Dallas seems like a simple story. The story is built around a group of women who have formed a quilting club called the Persian Pickle. Set during depression era Kansas, you would think the story would be about survival and making do. Instead the author takes you down a path filled with heartache that makes you wonder how far friendship can or should go.

Not all is as it seems in Harveyville, Kansas. There is the mysterious disappearance of one of the quilter's husband. Another quilter receives regular visits from the married town doctor. The newest member of the group is Rita, a fledgling junior reporter. Most of her stories are pretty mundane until she gets the opportunity to write about the reappearance of the once missing husband's body. Her investigation leads to some uncomfortable situations among the group. The quilters band together to protect each other and the life they have created.

The author does make you think about friendship. How far does it go and what does it mean? I don't think I could have made the same decision as the women of The Persian Pickle. But it did make me think. The book was a bit deeper than I expected and might make a good Book Club book.

Book Rating: 4 stars

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