Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Christmas Quilt

Many popular authors are not unlike popular singers. In order to extend their brand of music, they will release a Christmas album. Often the singers interpretation of traditional Christmas carols are less than desirable. And yet the resulting sales justify the weak effort. Some book authors are similar. Mary Higgins Clark, Debbi Maccomber, Nora Roberts, Richard Paul Evans, John Grisham and others have all come out with the obligatory Christmas story. (I wouldn't be surprised if Clancy also came out with one since he has sold out in so many ways....).

This story doesn't fall into that category. True, the story is a Christmas story but only a chapter or two actually deals with Christmas events. Most of the story involves the 7 months leading up to Christmas. Written by Thomas J. Davis, it is a charming look at a small town and simple family life. It takes it's point of view from a 13 year old boy as he starts down the road toward adulthood.

The story is entirely predictable, yet that is ok. It is a comfortable journey for the reader, despite the expected events. It is easy to relate to the reactions and day-to-day life of the family. The story is more about family and less about the "magic" of Christmas. Christmas is the event that motivates certain characters to behave a little kinder because they recognize it as a day to show more love and charity (having a strong grasp on their Christian faith). In that sense, the story is a lot more real.

The story is a gentle book and it does have some religious passages which I did not find over bearing. Instead, it helps you to understand the characters better.

Book Rating: 3 1/2 Stars

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