Monday, September 24, 2007

The Tipping Point

Most business related books can be classified as how-to's. How to start and run a business is a popular topic. Very few business books teach principles with clarity. The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell teaches business principles with clarity. The sub-title of the books explains the book very well "How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference".

The books is full of examples, which come from many different sources. Regardless of whether the example come from a business, social, or political source, they all have something to teach a business student. One event, person, or set of circumstances can tip something toward success or failure. If one can understand how something tips, then perhaps you can apply the right ideas to your own business.

Gladwell's book is not a how-to business book. The reader is left to analyze their own business and discover their own tipping point. This may frustrate business readers who are searching for the magic formula that leads to success. His book makes you think, which is more revolutionary that the traditional business book. There are no lists to check off, no step-by-step instructions. Instead he instructs you to find Mavens and Connectors and teaches the reader The Law of the Few and Stickiness.

I haven't read his other book, Blink, but I will add it to my reading wish list. His book is incredibly easy to read. There were a few ideas that I disagreed with, but overall the book changed how I think about business. Gladwell could be considered a macro-economist, but I am not sure that classification fits well. He is a genius, though, and we will definitely hear from him again.

Book Rating: 5 Stars

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