Monday, November 19, 2007

Auntie Mame

A young orphan boy is sent to live with his eccentric aunt in this charming story by Patrick Dennis. I read this book years ago and picked it up again without realizing it. Auntie Mame acts like a chameleon taking on characteristics that suit the people she interacts with or that she idolizes. The resulting situations are rather hilarious when viewed through young Patrick's point of view.

There are several scenes which could translate very well on screen. There was a forgettable musical starring Lucille Ball based on a stage adaptation. Unfortunately Lucille Ball as too old for the roll and the director spent too much time trying to make her young. The resulting movie was not very good. Still, I think if the novel was re-made into a regular movie (not a musical) it could make for a fun comedy. The movie could not cover the entire book and would be best if certain sections were selected. Probably best to just read the book.

The story does bog down at the end. The reader may get tired by the constant antics of an eccentric aunt and her too serious nephew. But eventually one of the characters does grow up and one is left smiling.

Book Rating: 4 Stars.

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