Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Greatest Experiment Ever Performed on Women

It is often easy to dismiss certain medical related books that read like paranoia. Every page is filled with doomsday warnings about eating a certain food or enthusiastically promote a particular supplement. But the case against synthetic birth control is gaining. Just today, an article appeared at Yahoo that links the birth control pill with heart disease. Barbara Seaman has written and debated the use of the pill since the 1960s.

Seaman presents the history of how the birth control pill was developed and why (yes, there is a link to the pill and Nazi Germany). She further discusses the use of the media, pharmaceutical companies, and the media in extolling the supposed benefits of taking the pill - benefits that had little or no substantiation. In essence, women participated in an experiment by taking the pill. In only recent years has most of the supposed benefits been debunked.

It would be easy to dismiss her book as paranoia. And yet over the last few years, she has been proven right. The pill has been linked to breast cancer, and now heart disease. Why would anyone ever consider allowing their young daughter to take the pill? The potential, supposed, protection/prevention does NOT out weigh the side effects.

This is a book every woman should read.

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