Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Expected One

This book is a feminist version of the Da Vinci code. Kathleen McGowan throws every possible religious conspiracy theory regarding Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ into her book. I don't know why I picked this book to listen to, but I guess I didn't read the abstract close enough. The story starts with the modern Maureen Paschal and later evolves to a rewriting of the New Testament story.

I won't dispute the idea of Mary Magdalene being married to Jesus Christ. Who knows, it may be possible? The first half of the story with Maureen was ok enough, but the re-writing of the life of Christ was just too much for me. I know the story is fiction but it is the trivializing of a sacred figure(s) and re-writing them as seriously flawed, almost evil, individuals that I had to draw the line.

Perhaps some Christians may like this book. I don't know. Serious students of the Bible and other sacred scripture will not only find fault with the portrayal, but also offense. This book can stay on the shelf or even find its way to the trash for all I care. Some Amazon reviewers disagree with me, but most find serious flaws with the book.

Book Rating: Yuck.

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