Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lord Foul's Bane

I thought I had written a review of this book a long time ago. This book, written by Stephen R. Donaldson, is a fantasy novel that follows Thomas Covenant's adventures. I don't read much fantasy, but this one intrigued me. The story is of a reluctant hero with a serious medical condition. The story starts in modern times with Thomas Covenant and his condition with leprosy. Somehow, Covenant is travels to an alternate world where he is tapped to be the hero.

I did a little reading at Wikipedia about this book. The author clearly influenced by Tolkein's Lord of the Rings stories. There are so many similarities that it would be hard to describe them all in a blog post. Suffice to say the main character must under take a journey and is joined by various companions. There is an evil wizard-like character and a fortress like city. It was because of the similarities that I could not finish the book. Each passage would scream Lord of the Rings and so it went back to the library.

I know this series has a devoted following. If you are into fantasy, this book might be your thing.

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