Monday, May 26, 2008

Total Money Makeover

Dave Ramsey is a radio personality and personal finance guru. In this book, Ramsey includes his basic "baby" steps to being completely debt free along with several success stories.

You will have to read several chapters to get to anything actually helpful. The first several chapters are pep talks, examples, and Ramsey's personal history. Don't get me wrong, those chapters are motivating. Still, skip them to get to the chapters that discuss the baby steps. The back of the book has several blank forms which can help you get started with your baby steps. One nit pick is the author highlighted some areas in the budget forms where one should use the envelope system. I can venture a guess on what the envelope system is, but it is not explained anywhere in the book. I can imagine if you listen to Ramsey on the radio, you will already know all about this.

Despite the deficiencies in the book, the book will motivate you to become debt free. My suggestion is to save your money and borrow this book from a library. Even better, visit Ramsey's website and read about the baby steps for free.

Book Rating: 2 Stars

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