Friday, July 18, 2008

The Eyre Affair

I really wanted to like this book by Jasper Fforde. It was supposed to be one of those witty, fun mysteries with interesting characters. This book goes a step further and inserts literary nuggets for book lovers. Clearly there is a fan following because there are several books in the series.

The main character is Thursday Next and she investigates crimes involving literary works. The world of Thursday Next is an alternate, futurist version of our own and the author kind of gets lost in describing it. In some ways it is fun to read, in others hard to keep track of when so many things are twisted.

I had a hard time following it and gave up on it in Chapter 4. I can't give this book a totally bad review because it will probably appeal to true book loving nerds and it does have a lot of fun witticisms.

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