Thursday, October 02, 2008

Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder

Two shows that I love to watch are Monk and Psyche. They are funny and have lots of pop-culture humor, especially with Psyche. Quirky, fun characters too. This book by Joanne Fluke fits right into the same category.

Hannah Swenson owns a cookie shop in a small town and is an amateur detective on the side. When a delivery man is found murdered outside her shop, she assists her brother-in-law with the investigation. In one scene, she is jumping into a dumpster and in another she is shopping for make-up following each clue to its end.

The story is a fun read. I really expected to dislike the book. I mean, what is one supposed to expect from the title. It was a nice surprise. I may read more of these mysteries.

Book Rating: 4 stars

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