Monday, June 15, 2009

Love's Unending Legacy

Love's Unending Legacy by Janette Oke is book 5 in the Love Comes Softly series. This story is centered around Marty and Clark again. Marty must deal with the departure of her youngest son to medical school and hopes to marry off her youngest daughter, Ellie. Most of her children are grown and independent, but Marty finds herself pregnant with another child. She has a hard time accepting the situation because of her age and the fact is already a grandmother. With faith, the family learns to accept Clark's disability and the new baby that is to arrive. Ellie even finds love.

This story has been the weakest of all. There is the usual religious sermonizing too. It isn't too annoying, but you can tell the story is serving the sermon and not as integral to the story. The story isn't bad, but definitely weaker than the others. I almost didn't finish the first chapter but persisted. I ended up liking the story, but I am definitely taking a break from the series.

The movies make a huge departure with this story. There are some character names lifted from the books and assigned to others. The movie centers around Missie and her family in the west. Marty and Clark are almost non-existant. The events in the book are reassigned to Missie. I am not sure why the huge rewrite. Katherine Heigl plays Marty in the first two movies and then a new actress appears for the third. Even so, Marty is pretty much written out of the movie series. Taken separately, the books and movies are enjoyable, but compared they are two separate entities with the slimmest of relation.

Book Rating: 2 stars.

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