Saturday, January 02, 2010

Arguing with Idiots

In honor of the recent Senate vote on the disastrous health care "reform" bill, I grabbed this book from the library. After reading Common Sense by Glenn Beck I had stated I would not read this book. If you watch his tv show or listen to his radio program, you already know what you are going to read. It was certainly true for Common Sense. It's true for Arguing with Idiots too but the book has much, much more substance. I was looking for a way to vent my frustration.

I naively expected the title to tell me about the book - IOW, how-to debate instruction. There was no how-to debate instruction (and frankly, arguing with idiots is an exercise in futility, so why waste the time? And how does one define an idiot?*). Instead, Glenn Beck spends time educating the reader with analysis, facts, and statistics. Once armed with truth, one can then engage in debate.

I ended up liking the book despite my expectations. I did learn a few factoids. I looked at how Glenn structured his point of view. It may help with conversations with those who have opposing views.  (I still don't think I would argue because it's wasted energy). Anyway, the book is for Glenn Beck fans and I think they will like this one.

Just one more observation for libraries. Buy more than one copy. Each page of the book consists of full color images behind the text on glossy paper. I imagine such a book would be expensive to print. Instead, the price is made up with an extremely cheap binding. I was the first in the library to read this book and I don't think it will hold up for more than a few circulations unless the patrons are extremely careful.

Book Rating: 3 1/2 stars

*BTW, this book implies the definition of an idiot as a liberal or one who believes liberals.

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