Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Biggest Loser Family Cookbook

I love cookbooks and checkout anything new as soon as it comes into the library. This cookbook is inspired by the television show, The Biggest Loser. I have only seen snippets of the show on tv, so I don't really understand all the hype.

The cookbook contains recipes, motivational quotes, and nutrition information. As a family cookbook, I think it fails pretty miserably. No one eats the way they suggest. Not only that, but many of the recipes are for one serving. One. On average, last I checked, families usually have more than one. Another pet peeve is that not all of the recipes have pictures. There really is no excuse to not have a picture with every recipe these days. (This is one reason I will never buy a Good Eats recipe book which has no pictures of the recipes, even though I like the show).

Some of the recipes are lame, like tuna fish celery sticks. Really? Though a few recipes sounded interesting, particularly the breakfast recipes. I may adapt the recipes for my own use. But overall, the book is not worth $21.95. Skim the chapters on nutrition info and then adapt the ideas to your own cooking (and to be honest most of this information is available for free elsewhere).

Book Rating: Don't bother

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