Friday, August 19, 2011

One second after


William R. Forstchen explores the post apocalypse scenario of the US being hit by EMP's. EMP's are electro-magnetic pulses that can wipe out electronics.

In his story, a few characters are located in a small mountain community. It lays out the hard decisions of survival by the town leaders cut off from any outside communication. The story is typical survivalist story regardless of the source of the disaster.

It's possible that this kind of disaster could happen. I don't know about the scale or severity, but the author makes several statements of warning directed to political leaders of today to prepare. He implies that we are extremely vulnerable due to our reliance on computer technology. There is one extremely boring chapter in which the characters explain what EMP's are and how they can be delivered over the US. If you read a lot of sci-fi, you will find this chapter annoying.

The story itself is ok, and a quick read.

Book rating: 4 stars
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