Friday, October 07, 2011



Are you tired of your day job? Ready to start your own business or move on to a new career? Jon Acuff gives some guidelines on how and when to quit your job. The book is heavily promoted by Dave Ramsey, who is involved in publishing it.

Jon Acuff has had many jobs in his relatively short career. Each time he was ready to transition from one job to another, he learned something about himself and how to smooth the transition. He shares many personal stories along the way in the hopes he can guide you through the same transition.

The book has its positive qualities. There is a lot of helpful, practical advice like don't quit your job without another job already in the works. Have a plan. Don't go into debt to finance your dream and other nuggets of helpful advice.

I did have trouble reading this book because I felt like the author lacked a depth of maturity and experience. It is true Jon Acuff has had several jobs and lots of experience of quitting, but there was something missing that could have made the book so much better. Nearly all of the anecdotes come from Jon Acuff's personal life. It would have helped tremendously if he had filled in with stories from other people who have transitioned from one job to another. One huge annoyance was Jon Acuff's bragging about his current job with Dave Ramsey. He didn't do this just once, but multiple times in each chapter about how his job with Dave Ramsey was his dream job. This is all well and good but rather annoying to the reader who may not have the same aspirations.

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