Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Shunning


I read The Shunning by Beverly Lewis for the second time after watching the movie that came out recently. I read the book many, many years ago and had forgotten it. I followed up the rereading of The Shunning with the remainder of the books in the series. I had forgotten that I had read the rest of the series too. I guess they weren't that memorable.

The rest of the series:

The Confession
The Reckoning

I actually did not mind the first book. If you have any interest in the Amish community, it does pose some interesting questions though I doubt it is not very accurate in its portrayal. In the first book, Katie Lapp discovers she was adopted into an Amish family, her mother a desperate, English woman. This discovery causes her to question her faith and impending marriage to the community's Bishop.

The other two books deal with Katie's leaving of the Amish community and finding a long lost love. Sorry, spoilers.

The movie is a Michael Landon Jr. production. If you have seen any of the Love Come Softly series, you can predict the type of movie it is. There are a few liberties with the story, but thankfully, not as many as Love Comes Softly.

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