Monday, March 12, 2012

Skeleton Creek


Skeleton Creek by Patrick Carman is a young adult series that I recently picked up at the library. The main character is a teen boy, Ryan, and is written in a journal style. Ryan and his friend Sarah become curious how their town Skeleton Creek received its name. That curiosity leads to an investigation of a tragedy at the local mining operation that had been shuttered many years ago.

The story has a lot of high drama between the pages that builds and then peters out pretty quick. The twist of the series is that Ryan and Sarah communicate mostly on the Internet with Sarah sharing videos of her discoveries and Ryan recording their findings in his journal. The videos can be viewed by the reader on the Internet too which makes the books interactive.

The books were entertaining, though I did get tired of the constant build up of suspense and quick resolution. The stories in the series end in a cliff hanger guaranteeing an eventual sequel. I did read the first three books in the series, which does eventually tie up a lot of the loose ends of the story but leaves enough interest for more books. My most favorite part of the story was the description of the librarian in the first book - it made me laugh out loud.

Book Rating: 3 stars - good for young teens.

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