Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A walk to remember


I have this really bad habit of reading books after watching the movie. Usually the book is better than the movie. Sometimes its the opposite and other times, its a toss up. I can't say that either version is better than the other, but I will say that I enjoyed the movie much better than the book.

The book version is pretty much a flashback for Landon, the story narrator, who tells a story from when he was a teen in the 1950s. The movie version is contemporary to the viewer, but it really does make more sense being set in the 1950s. Though, it probably doesn't matter.

Landon, a teen with a tendency to get in trouble (less trouble in the 1950s version), falls for a preacher's daughter, Jamie. Jamie warns Landon not to fall for her, which he, of course, does. Jamie than reveals her illness, which causes Landon to reconsider is life choices. The story is rather typical for Nicholas Sparks.

The story moves along much better and more believably in the movie. I admit, the book bored me and tried my patience mostly because I already knew the story. I did skim it because the story pretty well follows what I had seen on screen with a few changes in the details. The movie moved me more than the book.

Book Rating: 3 stars - read the book, or see the movie, but no need to do both.
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