Monday, May 07, 2012

Career color match

Career color match by Shoya Zichy is a variation of the personality profiles created by Myers-Briggs. In this case, Zichy assigns colors to personality profiles and then links them to possible careers. You take a quiz which helps you identify your dominant personality and a second. Because the author does base her information a pretty strong foundation (Myers-Briggs), the career matches are surprising accurate - at least for me. My interests matched my personality profile very well. They also did when I took a Myers-Briggs evaluation. Zichy's presentation may be more approachable than others.

The book takes very little time to use. You only read the sections which apply to your personality. The book may be useful to someone in school or to someone who wishes to connect to a career they truly love. The book is nothing special though and similar advice can be found elsewhere.


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