Friday, May 04, 2012

Respect the spindle


I have been eyeballing spinning for a long time. I thought I wanted a spinning wheel - and maybe I still do - but the cost commitment is rather high. The average beginner spinning wheel is $500 without any of the accessories that you will eventually want or need. A spindle however is a low cost, low tech tool that has been used since ancient times. There is this assumption that the spindle is just a beginner tool for those that eventually buy a wheel. Maybe it's because the tool is so simple. Whatever the reason, the tool has not received the respect it deserves.

Abby Franquemont is a well known spinner with a lot of experience using a spindle. She learned spindle spinning in Peru as a child and has kept with it since. You can find demonstration videos on youtube - which will amaze you.

I have to say, I love this book. I had watched many youtube videos on how to use a spindle, but it wasn't until I had this book in hand that it call came together. Abby discusses the history and physics of spinning. She demonstrates every step from attaching or creating a leader to plying and finishing your yarn. She has examples of many different kinds of spindles from the beginner CD spindle to the expensive Golding. She convinced me that everything that can be done on a spinning wheel can be done on a spindle.

I am now a devoted spindle spinner. While I need more practice (and fiber!), I love watching a yarn form and the control I have on how it turns out. I love how portable it is and how little space it takes up. Thank you Abby for sharing your love of spindles.

Book Rating: 5 stars

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