Monday, November 26, 2012

The end of illness


Dr. David B. Agus makes a rather bold claim with the title of his book, The End of Illness. Agus discusses health topics that have been recent headliners. Supplements versus nutrition, inflammation, exercise, statins (which he heavily endorses), and healthy living.

I expected a bit more from this book. It did make me think about these health topics but as a whole, it does not really end illness. His discussion about inflammation and supplements versus nutritious food was interesting. Inflammation is a serious issue. On one hand it is the body's warning and repair system. On the other hand, inflammation can cause permanent damage. His strong endorsement that everyone should take statins is rather suspect and ironic considering that negative reports (for statin use) came out almost simultaneously with the book.

Underlying all this, the author is really promoting his various medical business ventures. He does talk about some of it, which includes some interesting research, but it does cause one to question the true purpose of this book.

Book rating: 2 stars

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