Friday, December 14, 2012

An abundance of Katherines


This book by John Green has long been on my "to-read" list and I finally got around to it. Colin Singleton, recent high school graduate, has just broken up with his girl friend named Katherine. The problem is that all his past girl friends were also named Katherine. Colin, a bit of a mathematical prodigy, sees a pattern to this and sets out to figure out a theorem for true love.

Throw in a post-high school graduation road trip for self discovery with Colin's best friend and you have the setting for the story. Colin struggles for most of the book with proving his theorem only to discover the most critical factor is not what he thinks it is. There are a few laugh out loud funny parts. It is a quick read, and a bit predictable. There is some crude and suggestive language, so this book is for older teens.

John Green is known for writing deep, introspective stories (Searching for Alaska), which I haven't read. I'm not sure this book is all that introspective.

Book rating: 3 stars.

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