Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Atherton series

The Atherton series is a trilogy by Patrick Carman.

The story follows Edgar who lives on a satellite planet designed to create a new place for people to settle on as Earth dies. Atherton is made up of three levels which divides the people into differing social classes and he dares to scale the cliffs to reach another. Earthquakes begin to transform Atherton by flattening out each level causing the people to either work together or fight amongst themselves. Edgar discovers information about the true creation of Atherton that is unsettling.

The other two books take you into the depths of Atherton and to Earth to discover the true origins of Atherton's creation.

I enjoyed reading the series even though I didn't really appeal to me at first. The second book was my least favorite but it is a necessary bridge to the third story. The story is more sci-fi than fantasy. The books are young adult but they do have some violence. I could see this appealing to some teenagers.

Book Rating: 4 stars

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